Countries With the Cheapest Hotels

The fun that you experience when traveling should be supplemented by a good hotel. However, though you might need a good place to lay your head and back, it might come as a challenge because of the price tag.

Some hotels have land-based casino’s but you can actually ignore that and play an online casino game. There are some countries all over the world that have the best and cheapest hotels. You have to visit these places and enjoy the great hospitality that comes at a low price.

Countries with the cheapest hotels
Countries with the cheapest hotels

Below we list the cheapest countries with the cheapest hotels.


When your budget is tight, Thailand is always there to cater to your traveling allocation. Thailand is beautiful and fantastic and cheap also. Your traveling becomes appropriate with a good visit to wonderful places yet paying up low amounts on the hotel you are boarding.

Most hotels provide beach walks, blue water surfing, and warm visits to the seaside. Hotels can go for as little as $4 per night. Medium accommodation goes for a low of $30 while maximum places can go for $60.  Most of these hotels are found in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit on a budget. It’s beautiful, well set up for travel, and incredibly cheap.


Located in South Asia, Vietnam is well known for its best nature-related destinations. From as little as $25 per night, you can actually spend a quiet evening at a hotel in tow. To enter Vietnam, you should have a Visa.

Hotels located in bigger cities can charge as little as $10 per night. Services offered are way above the pay grade. When it comes to food, you can actually eat street food that has different delicious delicacies. Most of these various delicacies go for $2. A glass of beer can go for 20 cents.


Traveling to Myanmar is very cheap and spending inside Myanmar is extra cheap. But even though tourists think that it’s cheap, most Asian tourists think that Myanmar is a bit expensive than most Asian destinations.

For a good meal that is very sumptuous, be prepared to pay $3, and for a good room that is very comfortable be prepared to pay $10.

When you are looking for something a bit fancy, you have to pay up around $25 to $30. Some of the places offering cheap hospitality include Yangon and Mandalay. Good cycling spaces are on offer and good food.

You can also climb the Golden Rock which is steep and highly explored by many tourists. The people are very welcoming because Myanmar is agricultural based meaning that most of the places are village setups. You can explore and take good nature-related pictures.

Monasteries are there to be visited and it will be a shame really to come back without visiting one or two of them. For taxi charges, it’s actually cheap and affordable just like the amounts charged on meals.